Short Stories


  • production planning and management
  • 1x video production
  • 1 location
  • 3-4 hours shoot
  • 2-3 minutes final edit
  • on-set director
  • professional camera operator
  • professional lighting
  • premium music
  • 2-3 weeks turnaround time
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A great way to tell the story of your brand is through visual communication. In a digital world where everyone is competing for attention with a lot of noise out there on the internet, it is just not enough to write essays about your business anymore. Quite frankly speaking, no one has the time to read even a paragraph of it. This is where videos with personal stories come in. It is far more effective to hook the viewer and grab their attention, engaging them with the story of your brand. And with a stunning visual image and high-end production quality from our qualified content producers, you can be rest assured that your message will come across as authentic and succinctly as possible on screen.